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The existing academic field of corporate silence is relatively young. After an exstensive literature review, we can recommend these primary publications:

  • Morrison, E.W. & Milliken, F.J. (2003). Speaking Up, Remaining Silent: The Dynamics of Voice and Silence in Organizations’, Journal of Management Studies 40(6), p. 1353-1358.


  • Greenberg, J. &  Edwards, M.S. (2009). Voice and silence in organizations. View preview of the book


  • Perlow, L. & Williams, S. (2003), ‘Is Silence Killing Your Company?’, Harvard Business Review, Vol 81 (5): p 52-59.


  • Morrison, F. J., Milliken E.W., & Hewlin, P. F. (2003). An exploratory study of employee silence: issues that employees don’t communicate upward and why. Journal of Management Studies, 40(6), 1453-1476.


  • Vakola, M., & Bouradas, D. (2005). Antecedents and consequences of organisational silence: an empirical investigation. Employee Relations, 27(5), 441-458.


  • Van Dyne, L., Ang, S., & Botero, I. C. (2003). Conceptualizing employee silence and employee voice as multidimensional constructs. Journal of Management Studies, 40(6), 1359-1392.


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