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Kop dicht, mond open. breaking corporate silence













Breaking corporate silence

In most organisations people communicate a lot, but very little is said.  Employees and managers keep quiet about issues that are essential to an organisation’ success. Why is this and what are the consequences? But mostly: how do you break this ‘corporate silence’. How do you stimulate people to speak up, stimulating critical ability and innovation to further the organization? This book answers these questions and more. It describes how managers and communication professionals can break the silence in their organisation.

In 2012 Mark Blok (1981) won the Shell Stimulation Award for Excellence in Corporate Communication for his research on corporate silence. With this book he shares his knowledge and insights in an accessible manner, complimented with examples, appealing cases and interviews with prominents in the (Dutch) industry. He also provides managers and communication professionals practical instruments and a concrete step by step plan to get to work and break corporate silence.

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